Fourth Generation

My great grandfather Dr. Matthew Fountain purchase the Ranch in 1911 where he planted 1000 English Walnut Trees. Dr. Fountain was a practicing Dentist who resided in Arcata CA with his family. He also traveled to the Hoopa Reservation to service the Hupa people. My grandfather Everett Fountain would sometimes travel with his father to the boarding school in Hoopa where he may have caught the first glimpse of Delphine Johnson who would later become his wife, and my grandmother. Dr. Fountain pioneered the north side of the Trinity River in Salyer, by funding and building the first wooden suspended bridge. My grandfather used the ranch as a resource to raise sheep, and Pole Hereford Cattle, alongside Granma Del, their two sons and my mother. Later they used the ranch for a boys camp were many boys spent their teenage years. Grandpa & Granma made sure all 9 of their grandchildren knew how to ride a horse, chase cows, and they never took “I can’t” for an answer. My grandpa always told me the story of Erick’s grandparents, Chan & Ruth Ammon sparkin’ on the back porch during haying season. So the Ranch holds both my husbands and my PAST & FUTURE

Previously the Fountain Ranch

The Ammon Ranch has been family owned and operated since 1911. It encompasses 200 acres situated on the north bank of the Trinity River in Salyer CA, 50 miles east of hwy 101 & 90 miles west of I-5 on the scenic 299 byway.

Owned since 2009 by Nicolé J. McCullough. Completely restored Ranch House, Cottage House, & Bridge House, along with Barn & Out Buildings complete the pristine Ranch.

Features: 10 bedrooms, beautifully decorated interiors & kitchens, Jacuzzi hot tub and infinity pool overlook the Trinity River, Direct TV, old fashions gardens, wedding site, all handicap accessible.

Breathtaking river views from the deck, and remarkable views of the Ranch from the wrap around covered porch give you a little peace of heaven.

The Fountain Ranch Past

Bridge History

Fountain Ranch Cattle

My Childhood at The Fountain Ranch